Why Linux?

People ask me why I use Linux, which leads them to the longest conversation, as they ponder why they had bothered to ask. Thus this post, an alternative to them that are still confused.

A friend of mine, during under graduation, gave me two CD’s named Red hat and asked me to try it out. Installation was pretty long as it checked the rpm of my hard disk and mine had been a little extensively used. I used it for a couple of days and finally chucked it. That was the end.

Years later, after completion of my post graduation, aimlessly browsing the net my eyes came upon “How to become a Hacker” by Eric Steven Raymond (here’s the link). WOW, that changed my attitude towards computers, I downloaded my first Linux, Suse 10.0. With Fedora core 3 in the Digit Magazine disk I now had two distributions of Linux in my system. It did take me time to finally stick with one distribution for more than a month (Fedora core 6)

Now to list the reasons why i prefer using Linux would be several. I’d give you a couple and the rest… well there is google.

My greatest fear in using MS Windows was the constant threat of a virus. I had to keep my anti virus software up-to-date. I do not like spending money on a particular software so I downloaded a free one. Sure it does the job pretty well, but there is always a clause. I have no anti virus software running in my Linux and have not faced a single threat from viruses since I’ve used Linux. One of the wierdest case would be the one in which a German company shipped windows pre-installed computers with virus on them. [3]

I have no clue how much a MS vista costs but I am sure it’d cost me a couple of 1000’s. Staying clear of pirated softwares I wanted a solution. What do I do? Go to http://fedoraproject.org and download the latest version of Fedora. Bang, I have one of the best OS in my computer. No costs at all and not pirated in any possible way. Linux is free and open source.

One thing about Windows XP was that I had limited choices of the way my desktop had to look. I couldn’t go further. Linux offers more than 10 various desktop environments like KDE, Gnome, Enlightenment and many more. I can customize my Linux Desktop to look like Windows XP or Vista or even a Mac OS X. Have  a look at my desktop:

Expo, what Apple’s Mac OS X copied in their Spaces

3D Effects the best in Linux

People keep telling me installation of software in Linux is difficult. I would hardly call it difficult nowadays. If you use Freespire then installation is as simple as clicking a button on firefox. That’s right you can install softwares straight from you web browser. The method is called Click N Run (CNR). Other distributions have a software installed which allows you to select any type of package and install it without asking tons of questions as to where to install so on and so forth.

People often ask me where Linux is being used. Well lets look at a few areas where Linux is used:

1. Disney/Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Sony, ILM and other movie production studios from Hollywood are using Linux to produce their movies. Dreamworks the maker of Shrek I, II and III have used roughly 3000 Linux servers and 1000 Linux workstations for the movie. The Matrix, Titanic, Gladiator, Superman Returns, What Dreams May Come, Cats and Dogs, Shrek, The Perfect Storm, Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, Antz, Chicken Run, Deep Blue Sea, Star Trek: Insurrection, Fantasia 2000, Men in Black, Hollow Man and many many more, were created with Linux. People still say Linux is no good at graphics. [1]

2. A survey is conducted every year to find out the top 500 super computers. For the past few years Linux has been the King of it all, not by a mere margin. 427 out of 500 were running on Linux. [2]

3. Its the best ‘Nerds’ system. You have tons and tons of things you can do on Linux. Best compilers (all free), IDEs and a lot of code to hack. It is the ultimate nerd machine.

The list goes on… Check out a distribution of Linux today. Try one of the distributions below:





I’ve had the ultimate fun and ease using Linux. Let me know how your experience was.


1. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Hollywood-Loves-Linux-45571.shtml

2. http://readerszone.com/facts/linux-powers-more-then-85-of-the-worlds-top-500-supercomputers.html

3. http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/09/15/1623230


7 thoughts on “Why Linux?

  1. Nicomo says:

    Super, well written and positively inspirational – will follow your site for ideas and problems.

    Thank you for your information

  2. Ihatewindows says:

    Bang on! Using F18 Spherical Cow with MATE DE, KDE 4.10, WindowMaker, XFCE, and all the bells and whistles. (GNOME 3.6 sucks.) Best OS I ever used! You may want to join us on FedoraForum. 😉

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