#!/usr/bin/env python

#Satyajit Ranjeev

def contactMe():

email = ‘’

address = [‘#809 Aiyara Mansion’, ‘130 Ladprao Soi’,\

‘Huamark’, ‘Bangkok’]

phone = +66841344523

def description():

print ‘I believe programming is an art and it has to be constantly nurtured. I am a strong believer of updating technologies and an ardent advocate of open source. Learning languages has been a second nature for me thus helping me in updating to newer technologies.’

print ‘I am primarily a Web Application developer. Being a Red Hat Certified Engineer helps me understand the working conditions for the Web Applications I create. It has given me a whole new perspective to programming.’

def workHistory():

currently_working_on = ”’I am currently working on a project to migrate the Django application mentioned in latest_exp to a google federated openid authentication and to use google’s service.

I am also studying the possibility of migrating the existing Django app to use couchdb.”’

latest_exp = {

‘name_of_organization’: ‘Anglo Singapore International School’,

‘location’: ’Bangkok, Thailand’,

‘date_of_joining’: ‘August 2008’,

‘position’: ‘Lead Programmer & Head IT Department’


freelance_exp = {

‘name_of_organization’: ‘Knifeict’,

‘location’: ’Bangkok, Thailand’,

‘date_of_joining’: ‘December 2010’,

‘position’: ‘Django Programmer’


pervious_exp = {

‘name_of_organization’: ‘SQL Star’,

‘location’: ‘Chennai, India’,

‘date_of_joining’: ‘May 2007’,

‘position’: ‘Linux Consultant’


def projects():

freelance = “”” For the company I work as a freelance we are developing complete network scan application which covers port scan and web application scans. I am developing the Web Application scan module which involves using a XMLRPC Server (Arachni) built on Ruby. My code communicates with the Server to start scans and retrieve the vulnerabilities if any. The vulnerabilities are stored in a Django model for further analysis. Technologies used in this project: Django+Python, Postgresql, South, Git, Jquery

    I have also created a few websites using wordpress. (Currently working on it)


latest_full_time = “”” This is more a full time job which involves in building a School Management System. I have been working on this for three years now and have evolved the system over the years. The project started of with Php and moved to a Django framework. The applications created until now are: Student Performance, Staff and Student profile management, Survey application which helps school create and analyse surveys, Resource management- an online database of books, Staff evaluation and a forum. I am also currently working on getting openid to authenticate users using google apps. Technologies used: Django+Python, MySQL, Git, Jquery, less css, HTML5, CSS3

During this period I also created two webpages built on Joomla and WordPress.“””

project2 = ‘2006: This was for a school, which was implemented in Fireworks and Dreamweaver, Modern International School, Bangkok. Nearly for three years they used the web page before moving on.’

first_project = ‘2006: My very first project was to design a web page for Wego Motors Thailand. It was a simple web page completely made in Fireworks and Dreamweaver. I had very little understanding of the Web and thus the website was as much as my knowledge. They changed it within a years time.’


def languagesStumbledUpon():

languages = ‘I created my first program when I was 9 years old using LOGO. From then I have moved to BASIC, Visual BASIC, C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Php, HTML, Javascript, CSS’

frame_works = ‘Django’

tool_kits = ‘Qt’

databases = ‘MySQL’

libraries = ‘jQuery’

operating_systems = ‘Linux (RedHat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, openSuse, Gentoo and many others), OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, Mac OS, Windows’

versioning_system = ‘git’

technologies_currently_learning = ‘CouchDB, node.js’

def community():

print ‘Ambassador for Fedora project, Thailand’

def education():

masters = {‘major’: ‘Statistics’,

‘university’: ‘Madras University’,

‘location’: ‘India’


bachelors = {‘major’: ‘Statistics’,

‘university’: ‘Madras University’,

‘location’: ‘India’


others = ‘RedHat Certified Engineer’

courses = ‘An Introduction to Perl, Java at NIIT’

def finalThoughts():

print “””I have loved the community of open source. They have been an inspiration for me to develop programs. I am a strong believer of open source technologies and use them for my day-to-day activities including the servers, the programming environment and the languages.

I am a believer of updating to newer technologies and thus keep constantly reading and updating myself. I am not perfect thus I am prone to make mistakes. Yet I try my best to learn from them. This enables me to have a positive attitude in learning and most of all in my programming skills.”””


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