Django IDE

I started programming on Python a couple of months back and am currently shifting my web application stack to Django. Django is simply amazing, with the power of Python it just does wonders. Well on the road of migration I desperately needed an IDE. I do know many of the “good programmers” use a text editor or the likes. Here I was learning the language and wanted more of the functions explored on the press of a DOT. Googling did not quite help me much. But it helped me to configure my favourite editor, Komodo Edit to use Django.

Komodo edit understands Python and Django Templates. But the Django library I had to tweak it a bit. With the help of a few people here I figured out code completion. On the Preferences, Languages look for Python and click on “Additional Python Import Directories”  and add the directory that Django resides in.

What impressed me most was Pydev for Eclipse. I quite did not like Eclipse but the fact that Pydev has brilliant integration with Django blows my mind off. Right in their main page I see:

This is what I was looking for. It was there all the time and I hardly knew! Here are a couple of screen shots:

The brilliant thing about it is its ability to start an interactive shell with django environment (the same as doing python shell)

That about it for now, I will come up with a more detailed review shortly. Please tell me your comments about these environments.


Komodo Edit

Django IDE

5 thoughts on “Django IDE

  1. I just hate how Eclipse takes control of your filing system. I know I can symlink things in but it’s a pain if you regularly start new projects. It’s also quite a chunky app and I’m not sure you really gain that much from it.

    I just start gedit and terminator split into three term sessions: one for the dev server output, one for bzr committing and file manipulation, and the third holds a ssh session on the production server to update it.

    Gedit highlights the code well enough (template tags are pretty easy to spot) and with a few plugins (gemini, file browser, python indentation and zen code) it’s a pretty powerful, highly accessible little editor.

  2. Giles Jones says:

    Thanks for the review. I also found eclipse very chunky and use netbeans for much of the PHP I do (chunky as well). There needs to be more reviews of Djanago specific IDEs like this.

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