What have I been doing?

Its been donkey’s years since I have written anything at all. Comments have poured out like usual and I was not there to answer them. Of course the first thing that comes up to one mind would be “What has he been doing?”

Love at first sight! Did a new Linux distribution cross your mind? Or was it a new language or perhaps a new device. Nay! Its a dame this time, smile, ‘yes the nerd’s in love’ my friends say. Well a lot of my time had been spend on making her smile. Wonderful evenings, beautiful mornings and what ever the wind brought to my attention. But did it kill the spirit in me, the flair of open source? Of course not I have been tweaking with Linux all the time but not as much as I would have for reasons which I would bring to your attention in a while. I had successfully installed Fedora 11 on 20 machines using kickstart, my system administration duties. Been toying around with Qt, for an application I am creating for a School. And trying to put Windows 7 as a virtual host.

So what was it that kept me from writing a review of Fedora 12. Just a few months before the release of Fedora 12 I picked a new Macbook Pro. (No more sneaking around my brother to install Linux in his mac.) I was very excited about the Mac, a 15 inch did I pick up. The very moment it landed on my desk I booted it with Fedora 11 Live CD. Yeah! It came up all nice. I was excited, blood rushed through my veins, my heart pumped as though I had run a marathon. Alas that’s all there was. I installed it and could not get the brightness of the LED monitor down, could not get the 8 hour battery life so boasted in the Mac on Fedora. A lot of stumbling blocks. So I started Fedora 12 Beta. Great I could get it running and the brightness worked with the nouveau driver. I was happy and I got 4 hours of battery life after much tweaks. It all came tumbling down as soon as I installed the Nvidia driver. Sigh! I waited, tried installing Ubuntu, but my heart was always in Fedora. The research deepened, but none could help me out much. And finally I had to get stuck to Mac and Ubuntu.

Getting stuck with Mac made me realize the amount of work they had put in the OS. In a few words: “It just works!” I have a lot of complaints about the OS. I am a nerd and a geek. My necessities are not fully met by the Mac but to think of a common user, it just works. The OS is so well integrated with the hardware and the resources are brilliantly managed. I must say we need to learn from Apple a lot of things. Our threat is not Microsoft but in many ways Apple. The OS is deeply rooted to UNIX and has all the programs open source boasts about and has integrated the graphics to the OS in a very elegant way.

Well it does not deserve too much of praise else my brother would just be lighting the entire room with his teeth.The OS did get me mad many a time. The wonderful select and paste using the middle button is just missing!!! Their terminal is horrible, the system is very rigid and tweaks are not that simple like on our favourite OS. Uninstalling applications is a pain, as in many files are still embedded into the file system. There is no central application management nor a package manager. Be it rpm or deb both of them just a class apart. Firewalls are not that tweak-able, no iptables!!! Development in it is not that easy, I had difficulties using Qt. There were several others too, but I must say the OS does feel nice.

So yes I did get into development a bit. I have been tweaking around with Qt, which I will definitely write about very soon. I am just falling in love with the toolkit, it is just brilliant. I did try to cross compile it and it worked brilliantly.

And now back to Linux on my Mac. I am trying to get Gentoo on it, hopefully I will be able to get it tweaked to run efficiently. I have the resource for it. If not I will have to stick with Ubuntu and keep trying to get Fedora tweaked. I would appreciate if some one would help me get Fedora running efficiently on the Mac (Macbook pro 5,4).

I have an eye on the Android phones and Nokia N900. So hopefully I will be able to write about it soon. Till then I must get back to hacking!

What have I been doing?

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