Increasing popularity of Fedora

I have been watching for quite some time and from the time Fedora 11 was released I kept looking at the page hit ranking. For a long time Fedora was ranking 4th. And after the release of 11 I saw the growth. It quickly moved to the third and rapidly to the second. The page hits have been increasing ever since.

I have heard people complaining out loud that 11 is just too buggy and that it was bad publicity for Fedora. Bad publicity? Come on folks beside the few bugs the features are just awesome. I just love the new volume control, KDE 4.2, presto plugin and the faster boot.

I do have difficulties at times but I guess that is the price I pay for having the most bleeding edge software. Fedora is definitely becoming more popular with every release and so is its user friendliness.

Increasing popularity of Fedora

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