Playing mp3 and other codecs on Fedora

With the merger of livna, freshrpms and dribble as rpmfusion things got better on Fedora. If you were having an eye on the ubuntu systems for their ease of installation with respect to codecs, we have a breakthrough in Fedora systems.

Well here is a screenshot tour of how the enabling of rpmfusion makes things easier on our parts.

Assume I wanted to play 01 Jethro Tull – Living in The Past.mp3 file.


The moment I click on the file totem media player opens with this window.


Now if you have not enabled the rpmfusion repo you will not get the following options but others which you might end up paying for. With rpmfusion enabled the following appears.


And the next


Thus the download begins…


The installation proceeds and finally I can listen to Tull at peace.

All this time I mentioned about “enabling the rpmfusion repo”. Some might just ask how to do it. Follow one of the steps below.

1. Go to this link

2. Follow the rules given there, you could either choose the graphical method or the command line.

This works with Fedora 10 and 11. I am not sure if it works on 9 as I have not tested it and will not work on 8 as it does not use Package Kit.

Playing mp3 and other codecs on Fedora

21 thoughts on “Playing mp3 and other codecs on Fedora

  1. Deb says:

    I am having a big problem playing my ipod songs. I have rythmbox installed and it does ask to search for plugins but eventually says that it couldn’t find any. This is in Fedora 11. Am i missing something?

  2. Man I COULD KISS YOU!!! I was about to smash my laptop on the ground out of frustration, looking EVERYWHERE for those codecs and libs I needed to play my MP3, since Amarok and Banshee just remained “idle” whenever I hit “play”. Thanks a lot!!!.

    As you can see, I’m a newbie to Fedora, but have been a Kubuntu user for quite some time now. Thanks again.

  3. douglas says:

    os nomes dos pacotes ajudaram bastante. só faltou dizer como faz para baixar pelo yum.

    “the names of packages help me so much. just missed to show how do to download using yum”

    su –

    [root@myPCname ~]# yum install gstreamer-plugins-ugly.i586


  4. neeraj says:

    when installing error displays:repomd.xml not find .
    what is actual problem .
    new application not getting installed.
    please help me out.

  5. Gary Templeton says:

    Thanks for for posting this info in such a clear and simple way. After a week of trying to solve this problem I was able to get it done with first try. Thanks again, gtempleton2 from Indiana

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