Pictorial guide to installing Fedora 10

Many people have difficulties of Installing Fedora on their machine. Once you have managed to get a CD (in this case a GNOME live CD) following the steps should help you to install Fedora on your system. If you have downloaded the Disc Image (the .iso file) and do not know how to use it, the fedora project documentation page gives you the solution.

Once the live environment is loaded you should notice a desktop like the one below. Clicking on Install to hard drive opens the window shown in the picture below.

Install Step 1


Choose the Language


Choose the host name, in other words your computer name. You could wish to leave it unchanged.

Choose host name


Choose the time Zone


The follow refers to setting password for the root user. Now the root user is the administrator for the GNU/Linux systems. During installation of software you will be requested this password.

Root password


The following step requires you to set up the hard disk in order to run Fedora. You need to create a partition on which Fedora can be installed. Now there are couple of options available. If you wish to have a fresh system and are not bothered of losing any of your data you could choose the option “Use entire hard disk and create default layout”. If you have a system with windows already installed you could use the option “Resize existing partition and create default layout in free space.” This is the option I have used in this example.



This option would request you to select the partition you would wish to resize.



A caution message is displayed in the following step. You must remember if you click on Write changes to disk the resizing would begin.



There are other partitioning options available which can also be selected. There is an option to see how the disk is going to be partitioned. Just make sure you tick Review and modify partition layout in Fig. 6.

Finally select the operating system you’d wish to start automatically when your computer is switched on.


Fig. 9

Clicking Next should start the installation as seen in the picture below.



Once the installation is done you can reboot your system.



Pictorial guide to installing Fedora 10

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