First look: Fedora 10 Beta

Reviewing the beta version of a software may not be the best thing to do, some may argue, in my case and others as well we want to have a look at what is new with the upcoming Fedora, codenamed Cambridge and what can we expect.

Let me start right from the boot screen. Before I begin this test was done on a Apple Mac Book a 2.1Gz (not mine, my brother’s… he dislikes GNU/Linux on his machine and on the sly I loaded the live environment). The boot menu very well seen on the previous releases helps both beginners and experts alike in doing many tasks. I started the live environment and sadly the graphical boot did not work, rhgb failed. The alpha release though caught my attention on this part as the much awaited Plymouth was brilliant. I’m sure by the final release it would be fine.

The login screen had not quite changed. I am waiting for some change here. The one in Fedora 9 is not customizable, atleast to my knowledge, and I personally do not like it. I see my Ubuntu friends having their wonderfully customized screens while I’m stuck with one.  Once inside the GNOME environment, WOW, a nice looking set of icons, the Echo Icon Theme. The Echo theme blends with the blue Nodoka with most of the icons blue. Nothing much had been done to the wallpapers but just wait for a while you’ll be able to see the solar theme soon. One thing I have noticed from the beginning is that the font size is a bit too big in the releases. The Beta version is no exception. But that is just a small tweak away. The appeareance setting just does the job fine.

To my surprise the wireless in the Mac worked out of the box. I was browsing in firefox in a jiffy. I have not found any problem with the screen resolution from Fedora core 5. The new applications came to a surprise. Empathy was the default messenger client, pidgin’s off. Empathy had a feature to voice and video chat with Google account was quite impressive, but alas didn’t work on both the systems loaded with the live desktop (Two machines, as when I enabled the desktop effects the Mac hung. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace didn’t restart X and finally I had to switch it off the hard way and thus I had to use a lenevo to try out the rest of my review). Cheese, the photo booth alternative on GNOME was installed by default but again the video camera didn’t work.

The new GNOME 2.24 has something to look forward to. Nautilus comes with tabs, reminds you of firefox. It is quite an interesting feature, all the adcantages of tabbed browsing in web browsers will hold good here too. Have a look at the inserted usb (on the panel on the left) , it has an eject icon right beside it. A very useful function.

The Package Kit also has improved a lot, you can install more than one package at a time and the loading of categories was noticeably faster.

Looking at the feature list on the fedora website you can be rest assured that this version is going to be definitely bleeding edge in the software realm. Some interesting features are:

RPM 4.6

Netbeans IDE

Sugar Desktop

Improved Network Manager

Well this is just the beta version and a lot of features are yet to be reviewed. Fedora 10 is definitely going to be a brilliant OS. I’m just waiting on my toes to have Fedora 10 on my laptop (which by the way is not the Mac and the Lenevo).

First look: Fedora 10 Beta

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