Launchers for linux

The dock on the Mac is great, imitating it we have several for the linux desktop. No doubt, they are good. But nothing compares to two indigenous ways of launching applications as Easystroke and GnomeDO. Instead of clicking on the icon of Firefox or the Applications menu then the internet then firefox, you could use the keyboard or the your mouse to launch applications. If you are the nerd type and love the keyboard GnomeDO is the one for you. If the mouse is your friend Easystroke is the one.


Well just press the Super+Space keys and the one above is what appears on your screen. Just start typing Fi and Firefox appears. You could do a lot of things like browse through your files, send a mail to one of your contacts and many more. For example in my system the moment I type mail sid a mail message opens. If pidgin is open, you could send a message to one of your buddies by just typing his/her name. Music can also be played straight from GnomeDO. In the words of GnomeDo wiki:

“Want to send an email to mom? Simply type “email mom.” Want to listen to some music? Simply type “play beatles.” Do provides instantaneous, action-oriented desktop search results that adapt to reflect your habits and preferences.”

Well don’t wait anymore visit the site


Easystroke is very cool. Write F on your screen and firefox starts, type s you could make launch skype.

I could write more and more but when someone has written an amazing article why waste my energy trying to beat him. Well go on to this site in lifehacker and try out easystroke. Its fun!

That’s all folks, let me know how things worked out for you.

Launchers for linux

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