Package Kit

I do agree Package Kit is good and has a lot of features and provides a uniform fronted to some of the common package management systems like yum, apt, rpm, zypp etc. But I do think its in a some what beta form. And that is why I suggest to use yumex. Yumex is more like pirut or Add & Remove Programs in the releases before Fedora 9. With package kit you cannot install more than one application. It is very annoying especially if you have downloaded the gnome version of live cd and then trying to install KDE.It does sound ridiculous but lets say if you were like me.

Any way just type

yum install yumex

and you have a more simple installation method. And the tool comes in

  • Applications >System Tools > Yumex

Here are some screen shots:

Update: As of Fedora 10 Package Kit has improved tremendously and I do recommend using it.

Package Kit

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